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The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman 

來瞧瞧胸毛很多卻沒什麼腋毛(剃了?)的丹麥第一帥w 私心配張《The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman》的劇照,Mads扮的老大真帥啊(舔疤痕)


Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal, The Hunt, and Fan Tumblrs 已經有人翻成中文,請至 团长大人的SOS团 觀看w 以下為亮點摘錄。


Emmy nominations are next week. Do you think Hannibal will get a few?

Well, we never know, do we? Isn't it rare for a network to get that kind of nomination? If people believe we can get a couple nominations, that would be fantastic. I would be very surprised if I got nominated. And very enthusiastic. But I hope I don't get nominated before Hugh [Dancy] does, because he's doing tremendous work on the show.(矮油~瞧瞧麥叔叔多疼休) Maybe we could be nominated as a couple — the bromance! [Laughs](「也許我們能用"一對"的名義被提名,逼羅曼死咩 」--節操呢喂喂!) I can say really, really honestly that Hannibal really does love Will Graham. That doesn't mean he won't eat him, of course. But he loves him.(算了,丹麥漢子是沒有操守的我早該知道 ) He'd prefer to have him as a friend for the rest of his life. If that doesn't work out, he'll find something else.(當朋友不行的話就當太太吧w 醫生您意下如何呢www 


I would love to see a spinoff show of just Hannibal cooking. It's such food porn when he cooks.food porn啊我的媽XDDDDDDD

It is! We might be doing a cookbook next year.(真假,感覺很唬爛[咳]) Everything is up there when he cooks. Everything he does is always elaborate. But Hannibal is a much better cook than I am. I'm much better in an Asian kitchen, like simple Thai dishes and Chinese dishes. I do an awesome coconut soup with shrimp and spicy chili.(喔喔Mads擅長泰式跟中國料理耶,他很會煮辣式椰香鮮蝦湯)


David Bowie might be coming on the show to play your uncle. I can see the resemblance ...(記者說,我能看出你跟David Bowie的共同點……)

I know what you're saying — the high cheekbones! [Laughs](我知道,高顴骨對吧XD OMG,Mads很清楚大家怎麼調侃他嘛w 高顴骨在歐美可是性感象徵唷~) That would be amazing, if that happens! I would love that. I'm an enormous fan. I actually saw him when I was living in New York in the late eighties; I was playing basketball down around Tompkins Square, and there was a little fuss on the court and it was sealed off, and it turned out that David Bowie was doing a part of his new music video there. So I was standing twenty meters away from him, and that was my first encounter with a celebrity, ever.


Have you seen any of the sites or Tumblrs dedicated to you, the ones that say they are "Mad about Mads"?(記者提到湯不熱了!這傢伙是門道中人啊)

I don't know what that means, Tumblrs? But that's so cute! I have to go and look at it! I'll have to get some assistance from my kids, though, because I'm from the former millennium.(Mads不知道湯不熱XD 但他對大家Ship Hannigram應該有知覺) I'm not even on Facebook. I've got enough friends I never see. You know how you have a lot of friends you never call? I don't have time for new friends, and I don't want to be friends with someone only online. I never understood that. But if David Bowie wants, I'll put him in my phone-book.(你是有多愛David Bowie啦神煩XD)





還有幾篇訪談頗有亮點,因為Mads是因為《The Hunt》受訪,但美國目前《Hannibal》正夯,所以談《The Hunt》談著談著會扯到一些《Hannibal》的部分,畢竟艾美獎入圍名單這週要出了。這些訪談會看到兩種Mads,一種是探討人性脆弱與堅強的Mads(討論主題當然是《The Hunt》),一種則是極度無下限玩Ship的Mads(我想大家都知道他在談《Hannibal》),這種反差也太好笑,到底你們是怎麼看《Hannibal》的啊喂喂wwwwww


Interview: Mads Mikkelsen 慣例,以下是節錄,基本上我這篇不會提到Mads對《The Hunt》的想法,因為我打定主意要走搞笑路線(咳),但我挺建議大家有空可以看下原文訪談,我覺得他們對於Lucas的反應下了很多功夫研究,到底Lucas為什麼不搬走選擇隱忍與堅持?在反擊是錯、沉默是錯、存在就是錯的情況下,Lucas該在什麼時候爆發與反擊才能得到最好的力度等。

In the beginning of The Hunt, Klara asks Lucas what his favorite food is, and since we're right on the heels of the first season of Hannibal, which is, ironically, very much a foodie show, I'm going to ask you the same question.(雖然講這麼多,但這記者第一個問題居然是問Mads喜歡吃什麼……)

Well, my favorite food would be anything Thai. I'm definitely connected to Asian cuisine. So anything Thai, anything spicy—a spicy soup, or a crispy pork. Simple Thai food is definitely my favorite food.(記好,Mads喜歡吃泰式料理,尤其是辣味)


I was wondering if you noticed any other parallels between Hannibal and The Hunt. There's the imagery of the stag, and the theme of the hunter eventually becoming the hunted.(記者提到了《The Hunt》與《Hannibal》都有獵人與獵物的隱喻。)

Yeah, you're right. It's not the kind of thing I think about when I'm doing the work, but...I can see your angle. [Smiles] I mean, Hannibal, he's the hunter, but nobody knows it. And the prey, which is obviously Will Graham, doesn't know it's the prey. And that is interesting.(Mads在拍之前並沒有想過這中間的連結,不過他能理解記者的想法。漢尼拔是獵人,威爾則是獵物,最有趣的是,威爾還不知道自己是獵物~)


A lot of people have pointed out that there are some gay undertones to the chemistry between Hannibal and Will. What do you think about that?(大家說漢尼拔跟威爾之間有點基,你怎麼想哩~)

Oh, I definitely recognize it.(嘖,老子可清楚呢拜託,不然你以為我當初怎麼試鏡上的[呼菸]) But I'm not sure that Hannibal has any sexuality, and I'm pretty sure that Will Graham is straight as a nail. For Hannibal, there's a lot of romance in life. He can fall in love with a piece of music and he can also fall in love with [Caroline Dhavernas's character] Alana Bloom. That is, until he's creating all these beautiful little roses out of tomatoes, and she, the dinner guest, just puts evil carrots on top of it. She's this close to getting eaten at that point. [Smiles] But, it's like, he could have a romance with a lot of things, and one of them could be Will. But I'm not sure it would be a physical romance so much as a mental one. And he could have it with [Laurence Fishburne's character] Jack Crawford. But he definitely, definitely loves Will Graham. As pure as love can get.(Mads認為漢尼拔的"性"趣不在此,而威爾絕對是直男,正所謂一直一彎若掰彎不成就只能悲劇。醫生對很多東西都能產生羅曼蒂克的感覺,一段好音樂、更或是Alana(中間那段不翻惹哼哼),當然威爾也在浪漫情愫之中。Mads認為醫生尋求精神戀愛的可能大於肉體,所以他說"我不知道肉體浪漫能不能與精神浪漫相提並論",漢尼拔也可以與杰克有那種感覺[Mads不要亂拆CP啊啊啊啊啊!還創了一個這麼衝擊力的CP ],但是他絕對、絕對愛著威爾,用一種純粹的愛。)結果,Mads繞了一大圈還是堅定Hannigram,怪不得你跟Fuller會合啊b


One of the most powerful moments of the season, for me, was when Hannibal subtly teared up while discussing Abigail Hobbs's death, and Will Graham's supposed guilt, to his psychiatrist, played by Gillian Anderson.(記者說,他覺得整劇最震撼的一幕是漢尼拔對心理醫生表示威爾的罪)

If you ask me, Hannibal is a master of empathy. He definitely misses Abigail. Whether or not he killed her doesn't matter. He can put himself in that situation and tear up because it's a sad story. She's not here. So it's genuine feelings. But he's definitely in charge of them. It's not overwhelming him. He's deciding that those feelings are coming, as opposed to Will Graham, who would not be able to control it. It's very interesting, and I think Hannibal's very honest with what he's doing. But obviously, there's something wrong, because...he killed her [laughs].(Mads說,漢尼拔是真的想念阿比蓋兒,即使他殺了她。漢尼拔跟威爾不同的地方在於,威爾容易共情,也容易讓別人的情緒影響自己,而醫生能清楚地駕馭這些情緒,他能藉由幻想情境的方式讓情感為真,但下一秒就抽離情境回到原本的自己。)


還有,為什麼很多訪談都要談到Mads瘋狂受傷的眼睛XDDDDD 他真的演過太多眼殘角色(咳)頻繁到會讓大家問「您的眼睛這次安全嗎」的程度w 這篇的記者也希望Mads版本的漢尼拔能把眼睛顧好,你們好煩喔人家麥叔叔也不想一直傷左眼啊XD


還有一篇訪談(硍,也太多b)Exclusive Interview: Mads Mikkelsen on The Hunt and Hannibal,這篇的《The Hunt》篇幅較多,不過《Hannibal》的部分也頗有亮點。

“Hannibal” has been great. Are you excited to be the first Hannibal to ever confront Will Graham in the jail cell?


(挖到一張很愛的幕後,趁機放一下wwww)I’m very excited to be part of this, yeah, and I think it was interesting to work with Hugh Dancy. I knew him from before and it was great. I think the relationship between those two guys, which I believe Bryan Fuller calls a bromance, is solid. Hannibal really loves Will Graham. He sees opportunities with this little young man. He sees potential in him. That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t kill him one day. It doesn’t mean that he won’t put him into prison, but it means that he’s fascinated and he really has emotions for this guy. Exploring that for 13 episodes has really been great. Mads的講法跟我的想法不謀而合。Hannibal愛威爾,但不代表他不會殺了他,也不太代表他不會陷害威爾,這些舉動正巧證明了他為威爾所著迷,13集都在講這件事,一位癡漢的單戀


其他部分懶得翻了,內容大同小異,比較特別的是Mads要在功夫熊貓三裡配音啦XDDDDDDDD 他以前配過嚕嚕米裡的Sniff。






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